A cloud platform that allows you not only to manage smart devices, users and Apps, but specially provides insightful information of your customer’s behaviour.


In order to have a great customer experience, you need to fully integrate device, app and service, where a solid platform is key for this purpose. Our platform is hosted in Amazon US, is scalable and fully redundant, and has been developed with an investment of usd 2M, in order to:

Manage IOT devices
Record and encrypt
streaming video
Manage alerts and notifications
Manage users
Support users, both
inbound and proactive
Manage branded Apps
Collect data from
Apps and devices
Analyse customer
behavior data

You get really deep data from a device when you are connected at firmware level - imagine pinpointing your customer’s network risk and offering them an insurance against cyber threat?

If you are interested in knowing more about the potential uses of customer analysis, please contact us at [email protected]